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In the past, the only way to get a straighter smile was to get traditional metal braces. Now, Invisalign treatment is one of the most popular ways to straighten your teeth. Here are three benefits of choosing the Invisalign system for straightening your teeth.

1. Invisalign is Convenient

Patients with traditional metal braces can expect to see their orthodontist every two months. On the other hand, patients with Invisalign can expect to see their orthodontist every three months. Invisalign still corrects the same issues as braces such as bite problems (underbites, overbites, crossbites), alignment issues, and crowding and spacing problems.

Invisalign includes some perks as well. For example, patients with braces have some food restrictions, whereas Invisalign doesn’t have any food restrictions because the aligners are removable. Patients just need to wear their aligners for 20-22 hours each day to ensure they are getting all the benefits of Invisalign treatment.

2. Invisalign Has Products For All Needs

Invisalign does not use a one-size-fits-all approach. Invisalign products range from severe issues (Invisalign Complete) to moderate issues (Invisalign Lite) to minor issues (Invisalign Express). Each of these treatments has a different treatment length. Patients with more severe issues can expect their treatment to last a year or more, whereas Invisalign Express patients can expect their treatment time to be as little as three months.

3. Invisalign Fits Any Lifestyle

Braces can get in the way of your lifestyle, especially if you’re an athlete or a musician. Invisalign aligners can easily be removed and replaced with a mouthguard when playing sports, and the aligners will not interfere with playing an instrument as much as metal braces.

Patients with Invisalign are also able to maintain their oral hygiene effortlessly since the aligners are removable. Invisalign is perfect for adult patients who wish to maintain their professional appearance and don’t want to worry about braces changing the way their smile looks.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign has obvious benefits. Fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle and not changing your appearance are two major factors why patients choose Invisalign. If you are curious if Invisalign is an option for you, it’s best to get a professional opinion from an orthodontist.

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