Invisalign for kids is exactly what it sounds like—an orthodontic treatment that can be used before any other type of treatment is needed. This advanced treatment option is designed for children between the ages of 7 and 10 who would benefit from treatment before all of their adult teeth come in.

How Invisalign For Kids Works

Invisalign for kids works just like all of the other levels of Invisalign, just on a smaller, faster scale. Clear plastic aligners created specifically for your child’s teeth are worn at least 22 hours a day and gradually shift the teeth into proper alignment. Each aligner is slightly different than the last, creating continuous, gentle movement until the teeth are in their desired positions.

Normally each aligner, or set of aligners if the top and bottom teeth are both being treated, is worn for one to two weeks, depending on your orthodontist’s recommendation.

Does Invisalign First Make Sense For My Child?

The first question many parents have about this orthodontic treatment is if children are responsible enough to wear the aligners as needed to be effective. Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Some of our best patients are our younger patients, and when it comes to listening to instructions and following rules from other adults, especially someone like an orthodontist, they are amazingly compliant. They may also feel more “grown-up” because their treatment is similar to what teens and adults use, making them act more responsibly.

For children who are candidates for Invisalign, there are many benefits to using Invisalign First instead of other early prevention methods.

  • Children have no food restrictions since the aligners are removed when eating and drinking. This can be a serious advantage for parents of selective eaters!
  • No special brushing or flossing is required. Simply rinse and gently brush the aligners with lukewarm water, then brush and floss and floss your teeth as usual.
  • Children are able to retain their natural smiles. When wearing traditional braces, the appliances are highly visible, which may make some patients self-conscious. However, Invisalign is designed to be discreet, so most people may not even notice your child is wearing the aligners!
  • Children and adult patients alike often say Invisalign is more comfortable than wearing braces or a different type of appliance because there are no brackets or rough edges to irritate the inside of the mouth.

Is Invisalign First Right for Your Child?

This question can only be answered after having your child’s teeth and mouth examined and consulting with an orthodontist. Some more serious issues may respond better to traditional Phase I treatments, so the severity of any issues needing correction will be taken into account when your orthodontist makes a treatment recommendation.

The other factor is your child. Will they take their treatment seriously enough to wear the aligners all day, every day? And are they responsible enough to not lose their aligners if they take them out at school to eat lunch or at a friend’s house to brush their teeth? Only you and your child can answer these questions. Remember, our team is here for you every step of the way and our goal is to ensure your child finds the treatment option that best suits their individual needs.

To learn more about this removable, comfortable treatment option, schedule a free consultation for your child at one of our convenient locations throughout Charleston.