Going to the orthodontist can be daunting and you may have a lot of questions. After scheduling an initial exam, you’ll be able to get one-on-one time with the orthodontist and their team. Below are some important questions you should ask them so you understand the process, ensure the orthodontist is qualified and that you can afford the treatment.

1. What’s your background and experience?

Choosing the right orthodontist for yourself or your child is extremely important. You want to make sure it’s the right match so that they will understand you and do their best for you. The initial consultation is the time for you to get to know your future orthodontist and learn about their experience and history. Think of it as a kind of job interview – you’re looking for the best fit and someone who will give you the best service.

Ask them where they went to school and what kind of accreditation they have to be practicing. Do your research ahead of time as well. Charleston Orthodontist Specialists tells you upfront about Dr. Savastano’s experience. Any of the staff and doctors at COS will be happy to tell you about their experience and their time working in the orthodontic field.

2. What services do you usually suggest and what are the usual outcomes?

You usually go into a consultation thinking you’ll need classic metal braces, but that might not always be the case. Ask the orthodontist what they think the best option for you would be. There are plenty of different options for orthodontic treatment, so you might be a great candidate for other types besides the classic silver metal braces. Invisalign, for instance, offers multiple kinds of personalized treatments that are catered to your specific needs.

3. How much will this cost? Are payment plans available?

Cost is a huge question for braces, especially because it can be such a huge investment. But don’t forget that it’s a huge investment in your future. Charleston Orthodontic Specialists offer great installment plans such as low down payments and minimal monthly payments. We don’t want cost to keep you from getting the perfect smile that you’ve always wanted. No one, from kids to adults, should think they can’t afford braces. Your orthodontist and staff will extensively cover what plans and options are available for you.

4. How long is treatment?

Braces are just as much a time investment as they are a monetary one. You’ll want to know how long you or your child will need braces and what the timeline for that whole process will be. Different kinds of orthodontic treatment take longer than others, but it all depends on your orthodontic health and what issues need correcting.

You might have to have regular braces for well over a year, but other options like Invisalign Lite only take a few months. Your orthodontist will go over all the options and explain to you why you’ll need braces for a certain period of time.

5. How often do we need to come in for an appointment?

Orthodontists have you come back in after you get braces for adjustments and just to make sure that your teeth are staying healthy. These appointments are usually scheduled about every 8-10 weeks. Your orthodontist will let you know the ideal time between check-ups for your specific case and what different treatments would be needed at each appointment.

6. How do I keep up dental hygiene with braces?

Asking your orthodontist about the best way to keep your teeth clean with braces is extremely important to maintaining your dental health during your orthodontic treatments. There are specific materials, like floss threaders, that are key to your mouth’s hygiene with braces. You’ll want to make sure to eat the right foods to keep your braces clean and functioning as well. Brushing your teeth and flossing every day is even more important with braces to make sure that you have a perfect smile once you get your brackets taken off.

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