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When it comes to going through orthodontic treatment, we understand people’s reasons for feeling anxious about the idea. After all, you do have to invest a decent amount of time and money to get results that you will be happy with. But the process is well worth it, and the Invisalign clear aligner system gets rid of many of the drawbacks of braces. Even so, there is still quite a bit of misinformation circulating about this great treatment option. Here are some Invisalign myths to look out for.

Invisalign Isn’t Affordable

While the system does tend to be a bit more expensive than traditional braces, Invisalign isn’t a very significant jump in price. And given the fact that you benefit from a smile without metal appliances and incredible convenience while getting great results, it’s a small price to pay. Here at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists, we offer fair pricing along with low down payments and reasonable payment plans to make treatment affordable for many families.

Invisalign Isn’t as Good as Traditional Braces

While it is true Invisalign can’t fix as broad of a range of problems as traditional braces, the clear aligners will give you excellent results if you are a good candidate for them. Certain types of severe orthodontic issues require traditional braces to fix, but many patients can get the results they are looking for by using Invisalign.

Invisalign Gives You a Lisp

Putting anything new in your mouth will always alter the sound of your speech to some degree. Many patients who use Invisalign report their speech is somewhat impaired when they start treatment, and they may sound like they have a lisp. However, the majority of patients get used to the aligners in their mouth within a matter of a few days and are back to speaking normally.

Invisalign Clear Aligners Are Smelly

The clear aligners themselves are odorless and tasteless. However, if you fail to keep up with routine cleaning habits, they can end up growing plaque over time, resulting in a smell similar to bad breath. This situation is very easy to avoid. Simply brush your teeth after each meal, along with your aligners, with a soft bristled toothbrush. Soaking them in the specialized solution provided by Invisalign will also help keep bacteria from growing.

Internet Treatment with Aligners Is the Same Thing as Invisalign

While you can find clear, invisible aligners through online companies that send you your treatment in the mail, these companies are all missing one important thing: a present orthodontist. These companies all rely on images you send and molds you take on your own, all without you being physically seen by a doctor to monitor your progress.

While the convenience factor of internet treatment is often a draw for many people, the fact there is no orthodontist present who can take a good look at your teeth or make sure you have an accurate mold means you miss out on the precision of Invisalign. When you choose Invisalign here at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists, you get all the benefits of the clear, removable aligners plus the expert guidance of a licensed professional, all at a comparable price!

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