exercising women with braces

You may be a seasoned veteran at the gym, or incorporating exercise into your routine may be a new idea for you. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, if you’ve recently gotten braces or Invisalign, you may be concerned about how much you’ll be able to do during your workout. Will your braces or aligners get in the way? Should you hold off on exercising until after treatment is over? The answer is simple…exercise is wonderful for your health and well-being, and braces or Invisalign won’t hold you back in the slightest. Here are some tips for exercising with braces or Invisalign.

Exercising with Braces

Being careful may seem like the name of the game when you have braces, but it’s important to realize braces have a big job to do. Sure, there may be a few factors that can affect your braces, but with some small tweaks to your routine, you’ll get used to them in no time. Fortunately, exercising with braces is pretty easy, and if you adopt some simple habits, you won’t have to worry about any issues arising.

When exercising with braces, it’s important to remember to:

  •  Wear a mouthguard when playing sports.
  •  Have your water handy at all times.
  •  Have fun!

If you’re playing sports, a properly-fitted mouthguard is essential. Mouthguards help to limit the risk for injury to you and your braces. One hit during a contact sport or with a basketball can cause some big problems with your teeth and braces, so it’s best to avoid this completely.

It’s also advised to have water handy while exercising, whether you have braces or not, as we tend to get dehydrated as we exercise. This is especially important for those with braces, because when the mouth gets dry, it can cause excess plaque, tooth decay and gum disease. With more places for bacteria to hide with braces, this is never a good situation. And finally, don’t let your braces get in the way of a good time during sports or your workout. Have fun and enjoy your time exercising!

Exercising with Invisalign

A fabulous benefit about the Invisalign system is the aligners are removable, which means you can choose when to take them out (while adhering to your orthodontist’s instructions). Taking out your aligners when you eat and drink is required, but many choose to also take them out when they exercise. Again, as we exercise the mouth becomes dry, and leaving your aligners in may cause increased discomfort. It’s important when you remove your aligners to have a designated place to store them so they don’t become lost. Don’t just place them in your gym bag in a side pocket, have a case for them and place them somewhere you’ll be able to find them.

When it comes to exercising with braces or Invisalign, the important thing to remember is to get the most out of your experience. This may mean improving at your sport or getting a great workout in at the gym, and it also means not harming your braces or your aligners. By being careful, you can ensure you won’t have any problems while you exercise…except maybe a sore muscle or two!