The holidays are approaching which means it’s time for festive decorations, traveling and scrumptious food. Being able to express your love of the holidays with your braces is a fun way to get into the spirit of the season.

Customize Your Braces With Band Colors

While you have your braces on, they are an extension of you and can represent who you are. The rubber bands that fit around your braces and keep the wires attached come in many different colors and can be mixed and matched to celebrate any holiday you want. Customizing these colored bands is a way to show off your favorite colors or your festive spirit.

Get In the Team Spirit With Mascot Braces

The holiday season is also football season—root for your team with your braces! You can customize your braces so that the colors of your bands are the colors of your favorite team. At Charleston Orthodontic Specialists, you can also get the South Carolina Gamecocks and Clemson Tiger Mascot Braces. These designs allow you to show off your team’s mascot on the brackets of your braces (each bracket comes in the shape of your team’s mascot) and create a more lasting representation of your team spirit. Charleston Orthodontic Specialists is the exclusive provider of mascot braces in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Smart Holiday Eating With Braces

The holidays often center around eating, and while you might be used to eating whatever you want on these occasions, you have to take extra precautions with your braces. Not everything is safe for you to eat while you have braces. Remember, anything sticky or gummy is potentially harmful because the food can get stuck in between your wires and brackets. You should also steer clear of marshmallows and other super sugary desserts. Crunchy and crispy foods, like peanut brittle, can also cause problems because they can break your brackets or loosen your wires!

Be sure to brush your teeth after every meal or snack, especially when you are eating more meals than usual (and potentially more sweet, sugary food). This is the best way to avoid any dental hygiene issues like cavities.

Don’t forget to see your orthodontist before the holidays if you’d like to adorn your braces with festive colors!