When your child needs braces, it may be difficult to get them on board with the idea. After all, braces means more responsibility and a change of appearance most children aren’t looking forward to. But don’t despair! There’s a way to change the way your child looks at braces. Imagine being able to provide your child with a way to express themselves through their orthodontic treatment. It’s called WildSmiles and it’s a popular choice for kids all over the country.

About WildSmiles

Add a little creativity to your child’s braces experience with WildSmiles. Instead of boring boxy brackets, give your child the chance to have a little bit of fun with these specialty shapes:

  • Stars
  • Flowers
  • Hearts
  • Circles
  • Footballs
  • Diamonds

Who says braces have to be dull? Add a little excitement to your child’s orthodontic treatment plan with WildSmiles. Not only will they look great, they’ll love showing them off to other kids at school.

Benefits of WildSmiles

WildSmiles makes it easy for kids to undergo treatment with braces and have fun in the process. Combine your child’s choice of bracket shapes with colorful elastic bands for a look that’s as unique as they are. WildSmiles braces are durable and made of the same stainless steel material as traditional metal braces, so there’s no need to worry about damaging them (so long as your child listens to their orthodontist’s instructions for proper care).

They work the same as metal braces as well, gently and gradually guiding teeth into a perfect smile. Reduce self-confidence issues and let your child have a chance to express themselves with their favorite style.

Beginning Your Child’s WildSmiles Journey

WildSmiles is a fun, stylish, proven approach to get a phenomenal smile. As more and more patients are requesting this form of treatment, orthodontists are adding it to their menu of products. To begin, it’s important to find an orthodontist who offers this type of treatment plan and schedule a consultation. At your consultation, be sure to let your new orthodontist know your child wants WildSmiles for their orthodontic journey. Your orthodontist will design a treatment plan tailored specifically to your child’s needs utilizing WildSmiles, and they’ll be on a stylish orthodontic adventure!

Combine your child’s favorite hobby or pastime with their orthodontic treatment plan and watch them succeed. Traditional metal braces can be boring, resulting in many kids having a tough time with their orthodontic treatment. When WildSmiles is involved, there’s no limit to the looks your child can create for themselves. So, help your child express their individuality with WildSmiles!

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