happy kids

As an adult, you have the maturity and foresight to understand that getting the desired results you want for your smile will take some work, but it will be worth it in the end. However, you may find yourself having trouble getting your kids excited about getting braces. Luckily, there are more ways than ever to make braces exciting and fun, which can help relieve some of the stress of getting your kids to the orthodontist.

WildSmiles® Braces

Traditional silver braces are known for being the most trustworthy form of orthodontic treatment to tackle a wide range of orthodontic needs. Unfortunately, the baseline form of traditional braces aren’t exactly known for looking great. For kids, the idea of traditional brackets in their mouths is a pretty hard sell. That’s where WildSmiles comes in.

Rather than trying to hide their braces, your kids can show off their fun and creative styles by getting brackets in a variety of exciting styles. WildSmiles are just as effective as conventional silver braces, and the brackets come in fun shapes for kids to enjoy. Available shapes include soccer balls, stars, diamonds, flowers, and hearts, which your kids can mix and match to create a creative design that expresses their personality.

Colored Bands

Another fun option that can help your kids feel more excited about their braces is our selection of colored elastics. Every set of braces relies on elastic bands to help create pressure and pull the teeth into the right position. Most often, these elastics are kept in an off-white color to reduce their visibility. However, your kids can have fun with their braces by choosing fun colors. Since these bands are replaced during adjustments, they can switch them out on a regular basis, such as for holidays or to show their school spirit.

Mascot Braces®

Speaking of school spirit, you can also support your team with your smile. Here at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists, we offer braces with brackets that feature the logos of your favorite teams. You can cheer on your local Clemson Tigers or USC Gamecocks with your mascot braces or support any team you want by choosing from a wide selection of other great team-themed braces.

Beyond our fun and exciting alternatives to the basic braces style, we offer a consultation process that makes it easy to feel excited about orthodontic treatment. Other orthodontists may still use old-fashioned clay molds to gather impressions, which are foul-tasting and inefficient. Your child will be happy to hear that when it comes time for one of these impressions, we use the modern iTero scanner. It gathers incredibly accurate measurements by taking multiple digital images each second. No need for those messy molds! That is reason enough to get excited about braces.

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