happy for gift

By Dr. Lavonne Fore

There’s likely a lot on your mind as you approach the holiday season, but right now is a perfect time to consider having your child start orthodontic treatment. Many gifts you can give your kids are temporary. However, a healthy smile will be a gift that truly keeps on giving.

Early Orthodontics

If you have a child who is about seven years old, now is the time to get them checked to see if they could benefit from early orthodontic treatment. Early orthodontics can involve several different types of orthodontic intervention based on the issues that needs fixing. Some kids may have underbites, crossbites, or overbites that affect their ability to eat or speak. Some kids also have problems with the shape of their jaws, such as undersized upper or lower jaws.

All of these issues can cause significant long-term oral health problems if left unchecked, such as crowding or impacted teeth. Getting early orthodontic treatment for your kids will make other treatments far easier and less expensive down the road.


If you have kids who are teenagers or pre-teens, now could be the perfect time to have them begin orthodontic treatment with braces. While they may not be excited to have braces on their teeth, you can get them excited for braces by assuring them that they will love their smile once their treatment is over with.

Additionally, your child can pick out fun colors for their bands, allowing them to get creative and express their personality during their treatment. They can even choose red and green bands to get in the holiday spirit! If your kids don’t want to choose metal braces, they can also get ceramic braces that will be less visible.

Invisalign Teen

This option for orthodontic treatment will really feel like a gift since it’s an option that comes with very few downsides. Invisalign is just as effective as traditional braces for a wide variety of cases, but instead of using metal braces, the aligners are completely clear and removable. This means they will be able to indulge in their favorite dishes during the holiday celebrations without any worries. Plus, they’ll get to straighten their teeth while enjoying an uncluttered smile.

Start Off Treatment During Holiday Break

The holiday break is a perfect time to have your child start treatment. Normally, they would have to take some time off school to be able to schedule an appointment, but they can get started with their treatment without missing any classes while they are out of school for the break. Plus, it gives them time to adjust to their braces before they return to their normal school routine.

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