If your orthodontist has said you or your child need braces, your first thought was probably how you’ll pay for them. Orthodontic care is essential for the health of your teeth and body, but it can be intimidating to think about how much they cost.

At Charleston Orthodontic Specialists, our orthodontists aim to make it as easy as possible for you to get the care and attention you need by offering affordable set prices, payment plans, and low down payments, and by accepting orthodontic insurance.

What Can You Expect to Pay?

The price of braces depends on the extent of your treatment as well as what type of treatment you choose. Someone who has just a few minor issues to fix will obviously spend less than someone else who has multiple reasons for needing braces or more severe spacing and crookedness.

Are There Payment Plans for Braces?

Rather than feel like you’re stuck paying a large sum of money for braces, we give patients the option of making  budget-friendly monthly payments. Any payment plan you choose is customizable to your budget and lifestyle, making it simple to pay off your braces in no time.

At our office, you can start braces or Invisalign with a relatively small down payment. Although a payment plan may sound confusing, we make it easy for you to understand just how much you will be paying and when you can expect to make payments.

An ideal way to figure out the right payment option for you is to sit down with your orthodontist and discuss your goals for treatment. We can evaluate your financial concerns and create a personalized payment plan to suit your budget.

Braces shouldn’t break the bank, instead, you should feel confident knowing you are improving the health and appearance of your teeth without damaging your finances. For more information about treatment and payment options, contact Charleston Orthodontic Specialists at 843-642-8100 and schedule an appointment.