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While many people are familiar with the main advantages of choosing Invisalign for orthodontic treatment, you may still be wondering about the ins and outs of how the treatment works. In particular, many patients are curious about how long they will have to wear their Invisalign aligners. Since there are several variations of the treatment, each option will take a different amount of time to complete.

Invisalign Complete and Invisalign Teen

While these treatments have different names, they both handle similar types of cases and typically run for the same duration. Invisalign Complete and Invisalign Teen can handle the widest range of possible cases, including some bite issues. Because of the level of orthodontic correction these treatments offer, they run from 7 to 28 months depending on the patient.

To complete their treatment on time, patients should wear their aligners for at least 22 hours per day. The Invisalign Teen option helps keep your kids accountable with this by adding visible indicators to the trays that fade as the aligners are worn.

Invisalign First

This variation of Invisalign is relatively new and is the first phase in a two-phase orthodontic treatment for young kids. By getting Invisalign First when they are about age seven, kids can get straighter teeth and a better jaw shape that makes orthodontic treatment later on in life much quicker and easier. This treatment is usually quite short since additional treatment is often needed once all of the adult teeth erupt.

Invisalign Lite

Not all patients will need Invisalign Complete to fix crookedness. Some people are simply born with relatively straight teeth and only need minor corrections. Still, it’s definitely worth getting this treatment to reduce the risks of tooth decay. Invisalign Lite works the same way as Invisalign Complete but handles minor to moderate crookedness.

Since the corrections are smaller than with the complete version of the treatment, Invisalign Lite will be completed after just six months or less. Still, patients should wear their Invisalign trays for at least 22 hours per day.

Invisalign Express

As the shortest Invisalign treatment for adults or teens, Invisalign Express is designed for minor cases of crookedness that require very small corrections. This is a great option for adults who decided against getting braces because they didn’t think they needed them. It’s also great for people who had braces or Invisalign before, but didn’t wear their retainer, so their teeth have shifted slightly.

In any case, getting even small corrections will yield results you will notice and appreciate each time you smile. Plus, straightening your teeth even by a little bit can reduce your chances of tooth decay and cavities. Invisalign Express costs less than Invisalign Complete and can be completed in two months or less.

Your smile is worth the investment, and Invisalign offers beautiful results with very few changes to your lifestyle compared to conventional braces. Use our virtual consult button to get a recommendation and quote for treatment. You can also schedule a free consultation here at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists to learn more about orthodontic treatment and to find the treatment option that’s right for you.