iTero report showin with patient.

It’s exciting to see new innovations in orthodontics as they are developed and released. From clear aligners to stylish brackets, there are all sorts of exciting ways orthodontics has improved over the years. One of the most exciting recent developments is the iTero digital scanner. Here is why we are so excited to have this amazing tool at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists.

Clean Impressions

The old way of gathering impressions relied on using a putty or clay-like substance that patients had to bite down on. While this method is effective, it also requires the patient to sit with a foul-tasting paste in their mouth for several minutes to gather useful impressions. This is often difficult for many patients, since the texture, smell, and taste of the compound can make people gag.

This often leads to multiple attempts being needed to gather accurate impressions. On the other hand, the iTero Scanner uses advanced technology to gather incredibly accurate impressions of your bite and teeth by taking digital images of the inside of your mouth. This process requires no messy impressions and is finished in a few minutes.

Orthodontic Appliances

With this new technology, we can precisely get a clear image of your entire set of teeth, which allows us to create a wide variety of orthodontic appliances without those messy impressions. Some of which include:

  • Clear Invisalign aligners
  • Expanders
  • Retainers

Instant Digital Renderings

Not only does the iTero Scanner make the process of gathering accurate impressions far easier for you as a patient, but you also get to see a digital rendering of your teeth projected onto a screen instantly.

Contact Charleston Orthodontic Specialists today to schedule your complimentary examination and to see how your new smile could look thanks to the iTero Scanner.