As we’ve said before, orthodontics has changed a lot in the past 20 years, and one of the greatest benefits of these adaptations is the ability to personalize braces. They don’t have to be just bland, metallic squares in your mouth anymore. It’s like the shift from black-and-white film to color. The change in braces now allows brighter, more expressive options to customize your smile.

Colored Braces

The days of plain, silver braces are over. You can add almost any color band you want around the brackets on your teeth. The orthodontist will always ask you what color you want for your bands each time you go in for a check-up, so be ready!

You can show off your favorite color or your school’s mascot colors. Stay consistent with one color on every tooth or mix it up and make every bracket different. Many kids choose to change up their braces’ colors with the seasons as well. There’s almost no limitation to what colors you can choose. Charleston Orthodontic Specialists have 30 different colors to pick from so you won’t run out of options.


There are other ways to express yourself with your braces besides changing the bands’ colors. WildSmiles allows you to choose different shapes and designs for the brackets that are put on your teeth. Instead of the common square braces, you have numerous options to change it up. Choose from designs such as flowers, hearts, circles, stars, footballs or diamonds.

These special brackets are made from the same medical-grade steel as normal square braces so you don’t have to worry about losing quality in order to personalize your look. Your treatment with WildSmiles will be the same as any other traditional bracket design. You can also add colored bands to these brackets to maximize your expression.

Mascot Braces

Mascot Braces are another great way to personalize your orthodontic experience. Exclusively at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists, these Mascot Braces have brackets designed for both Clemson and USC fans. You can choose between the Clemson Tiger paw or the USC team logo to show your school pride.

Check out our blog “Everything You Need to Know About Our Exclusive Mascot Braces” to learn more about representing your favorite football team.


Don’t let braces take away your creativity when you get them. Call our office at (843) 4-BRACES today to schedule a free exam and learn more about adding your own style and personality to your braces.