If you have braces, it’s the day you’ve been waiting for: it’s time to get your braces off! Your orthodontist has it scheduled, but what exactly is going to happen? Will it hurt? What will your teeth look like? Is this the last time you’re going to have to see your orthodontist? This post will answer all of those questions and more to prepare you for getting your braces off!

What Will Happen at the Office?

Just like any of your other check-ups, your final visit to the orthodontist will include an exam. Your orthodontist will have told you that you will be getting your braces off today, but if there is any unexpected movement since your last appointment, you might need to keep them on a little longer. This is rare, but it does happen.

It will take less than an hour to complete this appointment. Actually, the process of taking the brackets and wires off of your teeth is pretty quick! Your orthodontist uses pliers to take the brackets off, which shouldn’t hurt at all. You will feel some pressure, but your teeth are strong and healthy, so it won’t hurt.

After the wires are taken off and the brackets are removed, your orthodontist will remove the excess glue that remains on your teeth. You’ll then be taken to have a mold or scan made of your newly straightened teeth for a retainer. Wearing a retainer is very important for the future of your teeth and keeping them straight.

What Will Your Teeth Be Like After Braces?

Your mouth will feel very different after getting your braces removed. If you’ve had braces on for a year or more, you might have forgotten what it feels like to not have them. You’ll finally have a feel for what having straight teeth is like. They might be a little sensitive, but that will go away within a couple days.

Your teeth will most likely have yellow or white spots on them from tartar build-up or calcium excess. Your orthodontist will be able to clean those away while they are removing the glue. You might also have calluses on the inside of your lips or gums where the brackets used to rub against them. Don’t worry – those will eventually go away too.

Is This the Last Time You’ll See Your Orthodontist?

No need for tearful goodbyes just yet, your orthodontist will still want to see you once or twice for one year to make sure your retainer is fitting properly and you are complying with the recommended wear. You will always have the option to be seen as needed for repairs or checks after your first year of retainer wear.

Your orthodontist will explain everything to you before you go through this process and make sure you understand everything that will happen. Just sit back, relax, and soon you’ll be brace-free and have the spectacular smile you’ve been waiting for!

If you have any questions about braces, getting them off or what to do afterwards, call us at (843) 4-BRACES. And be sure to watch for our upcoming blog about how to take care of your teeth after braces!