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While some patients are worried about their braces cluttering up their smiles while they get straight teeth, the reality is you can make your smile look more luxurious during orthodontic treatment. There are plenty of options you can choose from other than regular silver braces when you start orthodontic treatment, including platinum braces.

What Are Platinum Braces?

Platinum braces are an orthodontic treatment option for patients who want something besides traditional silver braces. These braces are made out of the same components, including metal brackets attached to your teeth, archwires running in between the brackets, and elastic bands holding everything together.

What differentiates platinum braces from silver braces is the brighter tone, which matches platinum jewelry. In addition to the more upscale look of these braces, they also provide a more subtle look than traditional braces, which many patients prefer while they are in treatment.

Do Platinum Braces Work?

While you may be worried that choosing platinum braces won’t get you straight teeth at the end of your treatment, you can rest assured your smile will look incredible once you finish treatment. Platinum braces are just as effective as silver braces and can handle severe cases of crowding and crookedness. You can also still attach elastic interarch bands to your braces to effectively fix problems like underbites or overbites. So not only will your smile look amazing while you fix your teeth with platinum braces, but you can also expect amazing results once they are removed.

Benefits of Choosing Platinum Braces

If you’re not too excited at the idea of getting braces because of the appearance, choosing platinum braces is a great idea. Instead of dreading the day you get your braces in, you’ll be counting down the days until you get your fashionable platinum braces.

Platinum braces are also perfect for patients who have a nickel allergy. Since most braces are made out of nickel, some patients can’t get traditional braces to straighten their teeth. Platinum braces don’t use nickel, which means you won’t have anything to worry about.

How Much Do Platinum Braces Cost?

While platinum braces aren’t made of nickel, they also aren’t actually made out of platinum either. They simply mimic the appearance of platinum, resulting in their distinctively classy look.

In fact, platinum braces cost the same as most of our other braces, including silver braces, gold braces, and champagne braces. This means you get a beautiful smile at the end of your treatment as well as an elegant look to show off during treatment. That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

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