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When it comes to getting orthodontic treatment for families, we understand each family may have unique needs for their payment plans. Here at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists, we offer plenty or great options for families to pay for orthodontic treatment. This includes low down payments, extended payment plans, and customized payment plans based on your specific needs. In addition to doing what we can to make getting a healthy, straight smile affordable for families, we also offer convenient ways to make payments for blended families.

OrthoFi Payment Plans

Today, many patients who are under the age of 18 come from homes with divorced parents. Parents who are divorced often do their best to work together to take care of their kids, including providing financially for medical needs. The process of paying for medical needs, such as orthodontic treatment, can become muddled and confusing when it is split between two parents who don’t share their finances.

To simplify this, we offer payment plans through OrthoFi, a company that makes use of modern technology to make paying for orthodontic treatment affordable and as stress-free as possible. OrthoFi allows us to offer our payment plans that are approachable for a wide range of families, while reducing confusion and excess fees in the process.

Using OrthoFi is intuitive and simple thanks to a clutter-free user experience and easy-to-use functions. You can even use a sliding scale that shows you instantly what your payments can be for certain repayment terms, which are often very low. Almost every patient will qualify and there is no credit check required, so you don’t have to worry about your credit history hitting you with bad rates or keeping you from qualifying.

Other Payment Plans

Here at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists, we also offer other ways of getting affordable braces. For example, we offer flexible treatment options and low payments for armed service members and veterans by accepting military insurance plans that cover a portion of the cost for you and your family members.

If you have multiple family members that get treatment from us, we offer a rewards program where you can earn discounts over time. And of course, we will always be sure to honor your insurance plans so you get top-notch treatment at an affordable price.

Schedule your free consultation at our Mt. Pleasant orthodontic office or other convenient location today to learn more about getting orthodontic treatment at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists.