Happy sister with braces

If you have kids around the same age, they may be starting their orthodontic treatment at the same time. While this might seem overwhelming and too much of an investment, it could be difficult to get braces for one and not any of the others – you don’t want to be blamed for showing favoritism!

It’s not all bad news though. There are plenty of reasons why having siblings with braces at the same time can be good for them and for you.


Schedule Appointments at the Same Time

Having multiple kids going through orthodontic treatment at the same time can be really helpful when it comes to scheduling appointments. You can schedule them all at the same time. The orthodontist will be able to see them both and you won’t have to go back multiple times for each child.

If you wait to get your kids braces one at a time, you’ll have years of going back for appointments and scheduling times with the orthodontist. But having them at the same time can decrease the longevity of your trips to the orthodontist.

Food Limitations

There are many different food restrictions when you have braces. It’s best not to eat crunchy foods like nuts, chips, or ice because they can break your brackets or dislodge your wires. Sticky foods like gum, taffy, and chewy candies can also be dangerous to eat. These get stuck on and around your brackets and can even pull your wires loose.

Limiting what your kids eat can be tough, but if more than one of your children have restrictions, it can be easier to follow a controlled diet. If your kids go through their orthodontic treatments together, it can be easier to restrict what is in your house for your kids to eat. What affects one affects them all during orthodontic treatment.

Sibling Bonding

Your kids can bond during the experience of having braces together. Siblings don’t always get along, but going through orthodontic treatment can be a huge life experience for them.  

Many times, siblings can pick on each other because of their teeth or braces. But if they are going through the treatment together, they can’t be as embarrassed of the brackets and wires on their teeth. Your kids probably won’t tease each other as much either if they both have braces.  

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The cost of braces can be quite an investment, even if you just have one child going through treatment. Having two or more with braces might seem overwhelming and deter you from pursuing this option.

But many orthodontists offer family discounts and payment options for orthodontic treatments. Orthodontists know braces are a big investment and they want to help you in any way possible. Be sure to ask your orthodontist about any discounts or deals on braces for multiple members of your family.

Different Attitudes about Braces

Siblings can be complete opposites and this can affect how they approach their orthodontic treatment. One child might be totally on top of their oral hygiene and appearance with braces while another might struggle to follow the food and brushing guidelines.

Keeping multiple kids vigilant with their treatment can be tough and stressful at times. One may listen to you and the other may not. But be sure they pay attention to the orthodontist and remind them to take their orthodontic experience seriously.

If you have multiple children who need braces, contact Charleston Orthodontic Specialists today to learn more about how we can help with financing and treatment.