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by Dr. Vivek Patel

Many orthodontic patients feel a bit anxious about starting orthodontic treatment. But once you get the ball rolling, we’re confident you’ll be glad you did, especially once you get to see your beautiful new smile. Plus, getting started is easier than ever thanks to the new digital tools we’ve added at Charleston Orthodontic Specialists.

Virtual Consultations for Orthodontic Treatment in Charleston

Do you have kids who are at the right age to start braces? Have you always wanted a new smile but simply never got around to it? Well, it’s now easier than ever to see your treatment options and get a quick estimate of your treatment cost. All you need to do is use SmileSnap, a convenient online tool found on our website. Using SmileSnap, you can complete a virtual consult in minutes.

Start by filling out some basic information about yourself on the first page. Then, choose which treatment options you are most interested in, such as ceramic braces or Invisalign. Finally, provide five photos of your teeth. SmileSnap will guide you through this final step to make sure you capture photos of your teeth that we can use.

After you complete these simple steps, you’ll receive a summary of the recommended treatment options along with a quote for your treatment.

During these uncertain times, being able to get started virtually allows us to keep our patients and staff safe while helping you get on your way to your perfect smile.

Getting Started with Treatment

Of course, using technology doesn’t replace the experience of a licensed orthodontist. While we are currently doing everything possible to limit in-person interaction, we also know that we can’t provide a satisfactory quality of treatment completely over the internet. We will still ask you to come in for diagnostic xrays so we can tell exactly what’s going on below the gums too before creating your customized treatment plan. We will also have you come in periodically for in-person check-ups to monitor your progress and ensure you complete your time with braces or Invisalign on schedule.

When you do visit our office, you can rest assured that we will be practicing social distancing and proper sanitation to keep you and our staff safe.

Treatment Options to Consider

There are plenty of great options for all kinds of patients who want to start orthodontic treatment. Traditional silver braces are still the most effective and durable form of orthodontic treatment available. Luckily for you, braces are far sleeker and are more comfortable than ever. You can also choose ceramic braces for a less visible option.

Kids can have fun with their braces by choosing fun shapes with WildSmiles, representing their favorite team with Mascot Braces, or getting creative with colored bands.

Of course, you can also enjoy the invisibility and convenience of removable aligners with Invisalign. More patients than ever can qualify for this treatment, so if you weren’t able to get this treatment earlier in life, you may qualify for it now.

Get started today by using the SmileSnap tool on our website or contact our office to have any of your questions answered by one of our friendly team members.