boy with braces

You may be excited to begin your orthodontic treatment with braces, but we don’t blame you if you’re nervous as well. While the results of having braces will be well worth the effort, there is a fair amount of adjusting necessary to be prepared for when you have braces, especially during the first week. Here’s what to expect and how to get through the first week smoothly.

Before Leaving the Office

We’ll make sure to get your braces installed precisely onto your teeth for optimal results at the end of your treatment. We also will do our very best to make sure everything is comfortable for you. That being said, before you leave the office, you should point out any areas where you feel poking, prodding, or scraping so we can get everything optimized for your comfort. You can use your tongue and cheeks to feel around any areas where the wire ends may be sticking too excessively for your comfort. We’ll be sure you leave feeling as comfortable as possible and ready to take on your first week.

You’ll also need a good supply of dental wax and cleaning supplies to get through your initial time with braces, so be sure you feel like you have enough before you leave. Don’t forget to book your next appointment so you are on our schedule for your next adjustment.

Start with Soft Foods

While you’ll have to avoid hard, crunchy, or sticky foods for the duration of your treatment, you’ll have to be especially careful when you first start. This will get you used to opting for softer foods and give you some relief from the initial discomfort that may occur. While effective right away, the adhesive that allows the brackets to bond with your teeth also takes 24 hours to get to full strength, so the first day is especially important. Foods like pasta, yogurt, and soup are good choices for your first week with braces.

Alleviating Discomfort

When you first get your braces put on, you’ll likely experience some level of discomfort. You could even experience some mild soreness right away, but this should go away within the first 2-3 days, if not sooner. Another common issue during the first week with braces is experiencing some discomfort due to having more in your mouth than you’re used to. This sensation also goes away with time, particularly when your teeth begin aligning to their corrected positions.

You may also feel some irritation or get some mild sores in your mouth from the brackets during the first week. By using dental wax, you can minimize the abrasiveness to keep your mouth feeling comfortable. Additionally, you can swish warm saltwater in your mouth a few times per day to alleviate the discomfort and heal faster.

These issues should go away after your first week, and your time with braces should go by smoothly afterward. To learn more about what to expect from orthodontic treatment, contact Charleston Orthodontic Specialists today to schedule your free consultation!