The beauty of orthodontic treatment is that it can be done at any stage of your life. However, high school may be the most convenient time for you to get braces. Going through the process of getting straight and healthy teeth during this time has a number of benefits, from parental assistance to insurance coverage and more!

Parental Assistance to Cover the Cost of Braces

If you’re in high school, you are probably living with your parents or other legal guardians. Because getting any sort of medical treatment often involves a lot of complicated paperwork and processes, having a parent available to assist is a huge help. They will also likely be covering the significant expenses involved with getting braces. They can also help set up and provide transportation to appointments and help you figure out how to alleviate any soreness that might be associated with new braces or adjustments.

Insurance Coverage for Braces

Another benefit of getting orthodontic treatment in high school is you are likely still covered by your parents’ health and dental insurance, which can provide some assistance in financing orthodontic treatment. If you wait until later on, you will be responsible for the payments on your own, and if you don’t have insurance, you will have higher payments.

Fewer Responsibilities for Students in High School

While in high school, your primary responsibilities include getting good grades, household chores, and maybe a sport or hobby of some kind. You probably don’t have any bills to pay, a full-time job, or any other significant responsibilities to keep track of. And you’re not spending time building your career yet. The ability to devote your attention to maintaining your metal braces or Invisalign treatment will go a long way in the success of your treatment.

Treatment Plans Designed for Teenagers

Another cool benefit of getting orthodontic treatment during your high school years is the availability of treatment plans that are specially formulated for teenagers. Invisalign Teen treatment is designed for younger patients and is an awesome option for any high schooler.

Many of Your Peers Will Also Have Braces

Most people who get braces will go through the treatment in middle school or high school. If you choose to get orthodontic treatment, you won’t be alone! More than likely, you’ll have some friends who have braces and are going through the same thing as you.

Regardless of when you decide to get orthodontic treatment, Charleston Orthodontic Specialists is here to make sure your experience is the best that it can be and that you end up with the smile you’ve always dreamed of!