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As a country, we’re always looking ahead to the future. What will cars look like in the future? What will our clothing look like in the future? It can be fun to make predictions about the future and the field of orthodontics is no exception. There have already been so many evolutions in the kinds of products we use to straighten teeth. So, what is the future of braces?

Orthodontics Will Use 3-D Printing

Clear aligners, like those used for Invisalign treatment, are becoming more and more popular. This form of treatment will likely utilize 3-D printing methods in the future and gain an even bigger edge over traditional metal braces. This is because 3-D printing will help orthodontists obtain even more accurate models of patients’ mouths.

More Tele-Orthodontic Treatment Options

You can’t replace seeing an orthodontist at the office. However, having access to your orthodontist when you’re not able to come into the office in-person may be a major milestone in the future. You may have already heard of telemedicine, and orthodontists will likely adopt this practice to better serve their patients. With tele-orthodontics, patients could discuss treatment options, ask questions, learn about products and voice concerns about their treatment through video calls.

Being able to connect with your orthodontist through a video calling system can help alleviate the hassle of scheduling a time to see them. However, tele-orthodontics should never replace seeing your orthodontist in-person for adjustments, evaluations, and consultations. Tele-orthodontics will likely just serve as an added service that orthodontists can provide in the future.

Advances in Orthodontic Technology

In the future, orthodontists will continue to make patients their top priority by helping them achieve spectacular smiles. The advances in the field of orthodontics are exciting and we’re looking forward to a bright future.

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