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Braces are hard at work correcting your smile, and although most patients report they hardly even notice their braces most of the time, there are times where they can get a little uncomfortable. Thankfully, there is a product available to help alleviate discomfort caused by braces, and this product is known as orthodontic wax. You have probably seen patients with braces using orthodontic wax or at least carrying it with them at all times, just in case they need it. So, what is orthodontic wax and how do you use it? Read on to learn more.

About Orthodontic Wax

Orthodontic wax is primarily used to alleviate slight discomfort caused by braces. It’s true, patients typically get used to having braces pretty quickly and easily. However, there are still instances that come up that warrant a little help for pain or discomfort. Brackets can sometimes rub up against the mouth, and wires can poke at the sides of the mouth, causing pain. This is where orthodontic wax comes to the rescue. Orthodontic wax is made from natural materials like:

  • Beeswax
  • Paraffin
  • Carnauba

When braces get in the way, orthodontic wax is often prescribed to help curb discomfort and slight pain.

How to Use Orthodontic Wax

Although fairly straight-forward, we have some tips to get the most out of your orthodontic wax. It’s always important to wash your hands before touching the wax to avoid germs and bacteria from entering your mouth. It’s also recommended to brush and floss before putting orthodontic wax on your braces to ensure your mouth and braces are clean and free from plaque build-up.

Once you find the areas affected by your braces, roll a small amount of the orthodontic wax between your fingers so that it softens and is easier to shape how you need to for maximum effectiveness. Press the molded wax over top of the area firmly, yet gently until secure. Once the wax is in place, the discomfort should lessen and you’ll be back to feeling like yourself in no time.

Why Orthodontic Wax Is Needed

It may take a little time for your mouth to get used to your braces, which is completely normal. And as your mouth gets used to your braces, chances are you’ll need your orthodontic wax less and less. This is because the soft tissue in your mouth will begin to toughen in certain areas, which in turn will cause any pain or discomfort to go away as you get used to your braces. It’s important to note if your wires are continuously poking you, tell your orthodontist about it before you leave your appointment. They may be able to tweak this area so it doesn’t cause you unnecessary discomfort.

The great thing about braces is they do such an exceptional job at helping you achieve a beautiful smile. They may cause some slight discomfort every now and again, but orthodontic wax is there to help you alleviate this discomfort and get on with your busy life.

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