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Invisalign treatment has revolutionized orthodontic treatment to the point that some patients don’t want to consider any other way to correct their smile. Although Invisalign can treat many different orthodontic issues, it’s not for everyone, and it can be a big disappointment if you find out that you’re not a candidate for Invisalign treatment.

If Invisalign isn’t recommended for you, there are so many other ways that you can get a beautiful smile.

The Invisalign Treatment Process

You may be curious why your orthodontist told you that Invisalign treatment isn’t recommended for you. Invisalign can correct many alignment issues and spacing issues, ranging from mild to more severe issues. The Invisalign treatment process consists of wearing clear, plastic, removable aligners that are switched out periodically to correct the position of the teeth. The aligners must be worn at all times, and can only be removed when eating and drinking.

If your issue is deemed too severe for Invisalign to correct, your orthodontist may recommend that you correct your smile with traditional braces instead. There are several factors that may have influenced your orthodontist’s recommendation, including the severity of your issue, your orthodontist’s evaluation and diagnosis, and your orthodontist’s previous experience with Invisalign.

For example, Invisalign may not be the best form of treatment for you if you have a severe overbite or underbite or if your teeth are extremely misaligned.

Alternative Treatments to Invisalign

Even if Invisalign isn’t right for your orthodontic treatment, you can still achieve a perfect smile. For more severe orthodontic issues, your orthodontist may recommend metal braces. However, today there are more stylish alternatives to traditional metal braces. You could consider gold braces, champagne braces, or clear/ceramic braces.

Not only do these options correct more severe alignment issues in your mouth, but they’re also more discreet and stylish. Gold and champagne braces are a stylish twist on orthodontic treatment, while ceramic braces provide patients with a nearly invisible appearance. No matter your style or preference, there is an option for braces that will fit your needs.

Your Orthodontic Treatment Path

If you are disappointed about not being a candidate for Invisalign, know that your orthodontist has your best intentions in mind. Braces have come a long way since there was just one, bulky metal option. Now there are other methods of treatment available to choose from to get the spectacular smile you’ve always wanted.

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