There are many reasons why the majority of people have crooked teeth. Fortunately, there are just as many ways, if not more, to make them straight. Braces, Invisalign and special types of retainers can all be used to fix crooked teeth, regardless of how they got that way.

Crooked Teeth and Genetics

Genetics can play a big part in whether your teeth are crooked or straight. This doesn’t mean your teeth will grow in exactly like your parents’ teeth. What it means is that the traits that can cause crooked teeth may have been passed down to you from your parents. For example, you may have inherited a small mouth from your mom or dad, and the smaller your mouth, the less room there is for teeth. So, as more of your adult teeth come in, they start to turn sideways or erupt in different places because they are crowded. Underbites and overbites are also common genetic traits that often result in misaligned teeth.

Baby Teeth That Refuse to Leave

For some children, it seems like they’ll never get a visit from the tooth fairy because their baby teeth refuse to fall out. While the child or parents may like to believe this is because they take such good care of their teeth, that is not the case. Adult teeth form beneath the baby teeth and dissolve their roots, causing them to become loose. If there isn’t room in the jaw for the adult teeth directly under the baby teeth, they will often appear in front of or behind the baby teeth, leaving them intact. When the baby teeth eventually fall out or are removed, the adult teeth will be crooked and out of place, but braces or Invisalign can be used to move them where they belong.

Bad Oral Habits from Childhood to Adulthood

For parents of infants, pacifiers can be lifesavers. But if a child is still using one when they become toddlers, it can cause crooked teeth. The same goes for thumb-sucking. Unfortunately, young children aren’t the only ones who can have bad oral habits; older kids and adults may be making their teeth crooked without even knowing it. Tongue thrusting happens when a person pushes their tongue against their front or side teeth and it can eventually push teeth out of place. In this situation, retainers are often used to block the tongue after the teeth have been straightened.

Mouth Injury or Trauma

Another cause of crooked teeth that can occur at any time during your life is a mouth injury. Falling and hitting your face, being hit with a bat or ball, or being in a car accident are just a few of the ways you can knock your teeth out of place. If you experience this type of trauma, it’s extremely important to your dental health to see your dentist right away, followed by an orthodontist. Fixing the problem while your teeth may still be loose from being bumped or hit will be easier than moving them after they have reattached themselves to your jawbone and your gums have healed.

Whatever the cause was of your crooked teeth, you don’t have to settle for a less-than-perfect smile. There are numerous treatments that can straighten even the most crooked teeth. A qualified orthodontist like Dr. Savastano can evaluate your teeth and suggest the best treatment for your specific situation. If you’re ready to start working toward a spectacular smile, give us a call at (843) 4-BRACES today.