Young Male With Braces

When most people think of college, having braces may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Between the midnight study sessions and group projects to a busy social life and an abundance of activities, college students may overlook this time as being one of the best times to have braces. It’s true! Having braces in college comes with a ton of benefits. Not only are you working toward your future career, you’ll have a smile that matches your confidence when you join the workforce. Here’s why braces in college make sense.

You’re More Responsible

A lot of kids get braces around the age of 12, so they can get started right away their perfect smile. Although this may work for some, it’s not always the best option for others. Having braces as an early teenager can mean lapses in judgment when it comes to eating habits, participation in certain activities, and listening to your orthodontist.

When you’re a little older, you take your responsibilities a bit more seriously. As a college student, you realize the importance of taking care of yourself and your smile, making you more likely to abide by the rules set forth by your orthodontist regarding your treatment with braces. When your orthodontist instructs you to avoid certain foods, you’re old enough to understand why and will remember to resist the temptation to eat something you’re not supposed to eat.

You’re Planning for the Future

Let’s face it, finishing college means entering the real world. Interviews, first jobs, and meeting a variety of new people will be on your agenda, which means you want to be able to make a good first impression with a spectacular smile. Having self-confidence at this point in your life is crucial to obtaining the job you’ve always wanted and networking with people who can help you further your career. Having braces or Invisalign before you graduate will give you the confidence and healthy smile you need.

There’s no doubt about it, after college you’re going to be busy. Starting a new job or moving into a new place means longer hours at work and less free time, making it difficult to take care of your braces or make it to your orthodontist appointments. Alleviate some stress during this time by choosing to undergo treatment in college, before life gets truly chaotic.

You Have the Time

In college, you have more breaks in the action to be able to get braces and schedule appointments with your orthodontist. Some of the best times to schedule your appointments include:

  • Spring break
  • Winter break
  • Long weekends
  • Holidays
  • Summer break

During these school breaks, you have the downtime it takes to undergo your treatment with ease.

Once college is over, your career can begin! This is why college is the perfect time to get the smile you’ve always wanted, before life gets hectic. Find the career you’ve always dreamed of by having the confidence you need to shine in your interview!

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