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In a world of instant gratification, the process of having braces can seem like a long one. The field of orthodontics should have come up with a faster process by now, right? If you really think about how braces move teeth, you’ll better understand why the process can take a little longer than you’d think. Braces have a big job to do and often times, patients have severe issues that need to be addressed, not only with their teeth, but with their jaw as well.

What Braces Do

To understand the process of achieving a perfect smile, we must know how braces work and how they move teeth. Braces are connected to the teeth by a series of brackets and wires, which are adjusted regularly by your orthodontist. As the wires are changed and pressure is increased, the system gradually re-positions teeth to the right places within the mouth. As new bone tissue forms, the old tissue disappears, resulting in shifting of the teeth. As you can probably imagine, solidifying this bone tissue takes a bit of time.

The Duration of the Process

Since our teeth are connected to our jawbone, being able to move them can be a bit of a process. Our jaw bones are well-developed, stable structures, and making any changes to them isn’t immediate. To be safe, orthodontists need to go about this process carefully and gradually. This is why consistent, gentle pressure is applied to the teeth, instead of quick force, as this can result in damage to the teeth and jaw.

It can often take up to 10 months for new bone tissue to become solidified. So, even though you may notice some significant changes within the first few months of treatment, the real work is happening under the gums as new bone growth occurs.

The Keys to Success

Since this process takes a bit of time, it’s important to be patient. It’s understandable that patients may get restless during treatment, but keeping these key things in mind can really help during the process, and can keep you from prolonging your treatment:

  • Always listen to your orthodontist’s instructions.
  • Take care of your teeth and braces with proper oral hygiene practices.
  • Don’t skip your orthodontic appointments.
  • Remember the end goal of a straighter, healthier smile and know it will be worth the wait.

If you keep these tips at the forefront of your mind during treatment, you’ll be able to get through your orthodontic treatment plan with ease. You’ll be able to wear your new smile with confidence before you know it. Just trust your orthodontist’s knowledge and expertise.

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