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Opting for mail-order treatment when it comes to issues with your teeth may seem like a dream come true. Not having to spend time going to orthodontic appointments and saving money? It sounds like a win-win.

Now that mail-order orthodontic treatment has been on the scene for a while, it turns out it may not be the perfect solution you’ve been hoping for, and there may be more problems than benefits. Let’s discuss why mail-order orthodontic treatment may end up costing you more.

In-Person Orthodontic Treatment Is Better

One of the main reasons why mail-order orthodontic treatment appeals to so many is because there’s no need to see an orthodontist in person. Although this sounds convenient, it’s also one of the top reasons mail-order treatment can cost you more than originally expected. Since you’re not the expert, you don’t really know how your treatment is progressing. If you see an orthodontist, they can determine if your treatment plan needs to be altered based on your progress.

When you have a face-to-face meeting with your orthodontist, they’re able to alleviate issues you may have not even realized you had, and you can ask questions about your treatment. Having a professional there to answer your questions is key. Another problem that can arise in not seeing an orthodontist in person is the need for longer treatment. Your mail-order aligners may not be helping you as quickly as originally quoted, which means more time and more money out of your pocket.

Problems With Mail-Order Aligners

With mail-order treatment, you receive the number of aligners you ordered, which means if this amount of aligners doesn’t correct your orthodontic issue, you’ll need to order more. This also means that you’ll be spending more money than you had originally planned. Another issue to consider is aligners don’t work for everyone. If you try mail-order treatment but end up being a patient who needs a higher level of treatment than aligners can provide, you’ll still need to see an orthodontist for braces, which will cost you more money.

Untreated Issues With Mail-Order Orthodontic Treatment

What you may feel is a minor orthodontic issue can actually be major. Or, seeing as you are most likely not an expert in the field of orthodontics, you may not realize you have an issue at all and it can go unchecked and untreated. Many orthodontic issues exist below the gum line, which makes mail-order treatment a challenge, seeing as aligners alone cannot treat these issues. Only a proper scan can provide an orthodontist with the information they need to craft a proper treatment plan for you. Digital scans and orthodontic X-rays can provide the following information:

  • Tooth alignment and contours
  • Structure below the gumline (roots, impacted teeth, etc.)
  • Your occlusion or “bite” from multiple angles.

After getting a clear picture of what issues you have and how you can treat these issues, you’ll be on your way to treating them properly.

Mail-Order Orthodontic Mistakes

It’s true, some patients are able to treat their minor orthodontic issues with mail-order treatment alone. It’s also true that many patients aren’t able to do this, resulting in more money out of their pocket than originally planned. Remember, there are treatments offered by licensed orthodontists that don’t cost much more than mail-order aligners, and most offices have affordable payment options to make orthodontic treatment attainable. It’s best to leave this process to the professionals to ensure you’re getting the best possible results.

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