When it comes to taking care of their children’s teeth, parents don’t hesitate. But, they often justify neglecting their own smiles for one reason or another. At Charleston Orthodontic Specialists, we know for every reason adults have for not getting braces, there are two reasons why they should.

My teeth won’t move since I’m not a kid anymore

Your teeth will move, regardless of how old you are. And because you are an adult, you are more apt to take care of your teeth properly and follow instructions, which will make your treatment go that much better. That being said, it may take a little longer for braces to move your teeth than your teen’s teeth, but it will be worth the wait.

My teeth have been crooked so long, there’s no use in getting them straightened now

In general, we are living longer than ever, so taking care of your teeth is even more important now. And having straight teeth doesn’t just improve your appearance and increase self-confidence, it can improve your health too. Misaligned teeth allow more plaque to collect, which can lead to gingivitis. Incorrect bites can lead to premature tooth wear, headaches, and jaw issues.

We can’t afford braces, and if we could, the kids need them first

Braces can actually be quite affordable. We offer low down payments and monthly payments, plus we take all types of dental insurance that include orthodontic treatment. And while we agree your kids should come first, we offer a multiple family member discount that allows both you and your kids to be treated for a lower cost.

As an adult, I would look ridiculous and unprofessional with braces

We all know beauty is more than skin deep, but the truth is we have more self-confidence when we feel good about our appearance, including our smiles. And with today’s technology, no one has to know you have braces.

Ceramic braces are applied in the same way as traditional metal braces, but the brackets are clear, so they blend in with your teeth and are less noticeable. Invisalign is another less noticeable option for those who need minor corrections.

Over 1 million adults in North America are wearing braces now, including seniors in their 60s as well as celebrities. In our practice, 30%-40% of our patients are adults who are ready to have simply spectacular smiles. If you would like to join them, call our office at (843) 4-BRACES to schedule an initial exam and get started today.