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You’re likely looking forward to getting your braces removed so you can proudly show off your straight, bright smile. However, failing to care for your teeth and braces properly could result in some unsightly dual tones when you get your braces removed. Avoiding this problem requires taking some intentional steps.

Why White Spots Appear on Your Teeth

Interestingly enough, you could end up with white spots on your teeth for very opposite reasons. However, both causes of white spots on your teeth with braces are the result of not thoroughly cleaning your teeth.

The brackets placed on your teeth are necessary to create the base for your braces, but they also can cause some problems. The shape of the brackets makes it easy for food to get trapped underneath, leading to plaque buildup. If you don’t take the extra time and effort to thoroughly brush your teeth and floss with your braces, you could end up with food residue that remains stuck on your teeth. The resulting buildup of plaque can cause white stains over time if it isn’t removed. So, in this case, the plaque buildup due to improper teeth cleaning is the culprit of the white spots.

On the other hand, you could end up with teeth that are whiter underneath the brackets than around the brackets. While your braces are installed, the brackets will be directly attached to your teeth with a safe, dental adhesive. For the whole course of your treatment, these spots underneath the brackets will stay safe away from anything that could cause staining. However, this means if you allow your teeth to get stained while you have braces, you could find the areas underneath the brackets look whiter when you get your braces removed.

How to Avoid White Spots with Braces

The answer to both of those problems is regular teeth cleaning after meals or after drinking beverages that are likely to stain teeth. In general, you should do your best to avoid foods and drinks that cause staining, such as coffee, dark colas, tomato sauce (or other dark sauces), and wine. We know it can be hard to avoid these items at times, so if you do end up consuming any of them, be sure to brush your teeth right away.

Brushing and flossing very carefully and thoroughly after each meal, especially if you eat anything starchy, will also help you avoid having plaque buildup on your teeth. This way, you can avoid unsightly white stains from plaque and cavities.

What you really want to avoid are teeth-whitening strips or any treatment that bleaches your teeth. Since it won’t be able to reach underneath the brackets, you’ll just end up with dark spots instead of white spots.

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